Cornwall Breast Surgeon Iain Brown
Cornwall Breast Surgeon Iain Brown

Patient Survey

The doctor made me feel secure and important for care and treatment promptly. His whole attitude was very kind and caring. He made me feel satisfied with the results. He cared how I felt. I'm grateful for that.

Always puts me completely at ease, and answers my questions honestly, in words that are simple to understand!

Gives me confidence in his ability to treat me safely and successfully.

The doctor and his team are excellent. Their standard of care, concern and pride in their work (especially this doctor) is way above the call of duty. I feel very lucky to be his patient, and am very pleased with both surgery and aftercare!

I have been delighted with the treatment I have had from the doctor. I feel the utmost trust and confidence in him, and know that he will do his best for me.

This doctor is the surgeon who performed a lifesaving operation on me earlier in the year. I couldn't speak more highly of his professionalism and care of me as a patient.

Puts his patients thoroughly at ease. One feels he can be trusted absolutely. In fact, the whole staff is A1!

The doctor was pleasant and relaxed, using communication I could easily understand, encouraging my views and questions. He was positive and honest about all aspects of my condition without elucidating fear from me.

I am totally satisfied with the doctor's care and expertise. I believe him to be a truly brilliant surgeon, and I have absolute confidence, faith and trust in him. He is caring, considerate,  understanding and completely reliable. I feel myself to be in 100% safe hands. He is very kind and compassionate.

Positive delivery of results, approachable, cheery and caring.

Our doctor was very sensitive and put my daughter at ease, along with the nursing staff. All very familiar, kind and definitely a great team.

Very professional, kind and caring. I felt completely at ease and confident about my consultation. The doctor was extremely helpful and kind. He was certainly the most competent and kindest person I encountered during my week long stay at the hospital. I couldn't thank him enough.

This is truly the best consultant I have ever come across. Authoritative, truly professional, terrific manner in every way. Reassuring, informative, inclusive, and by his very nature, creates an immediate understanding of the situation and professional trust.

He was marvellous, and any woman with such a problem is definitely in the best possible care and hands.

The doctor explained the treatment needed in a language I understood
and I was treated as an individual, not a number.

Very thorough. Gave me complete confidence.

This is an exceptional doctor, who treats me as an intelligent person. Although very busy, he does not appear to rush, and answers questions at an appropriate level (in my experience). A caring surgeon and an excellent communicator.

He was very good at communicating, even though it was through an interpreter - which he found fascinating.

Why can't they all be this good?!! He was brilliant, and took the time to fully explain and put my mind at rest.

A very approachable doctor who smiled and made me feel that whatever the situation, WE would deal with it.

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Extracts from GMC Patient and Colleague Feedback Report
of Mr Iain Brown
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