Cornwall Breast Surgeon Iain Brown
Cornwall Breast Surgeon Iain Brown

Oncoplastic Surgery

The term Oncoplastic comes from the Greek word ‘onco’ (cancer) and ‘plastic’ (to mould) and brings together the the most effective cancer treatment with the best possible cosmetic outcome. Oncoplastic Breast Surgery is the new gold standard in the surgical treatment of the breast, with the aims of restoring health, minimizing deformity and maintaining beauty.

Modern breast surgery requires an Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon equipped not just with expertise in cancer prevention, screening, genetics, diagnostics and oncological strategies, but also with a surgical repertoire that includes therapeutic, reconstructive and cosmetic breast surgery.

Choices And Information

Once diagnosed with breast cancer, more often than not a decision about surgical treatment needs to be made quickly. There are usually several choices to be made and for some patients this can be both confusing and overwhelming, particularly because it is at a time when the news of the diagnosis is still very fresh.

Women are faced with a huge amount of new and difficult information. It is essential that this information be communicated clearly and as fully as possible. Every patient must feel empowered and supported to make her own informed decision and be able to control and manage her own breast cancer journey

Coordination And Responsibility

As the consultant it is my responsibility to not only communicate the diagnosis and perform the surgery, but also to coordinate the whole team so that we are able to:

  • Inspire trust and build a strong therapeutic relationship built on mutual respect and understanding
  • Provide and communicate all the information necessary to help every woman make her own individual choices about her treatment.
  • Put both the patient and her family at the centre of an increasing circle of support and safety.

The Multidisciplinary Team

The treatment of breast cancer involves not just an Oncoplastic Surgeon, but an entire multidisciplinary team of dedicated professionals including;

  • Specialist Radiographers & Radiologists
  • Histopathologists
  • Clinical & Medical Oncologists
  • Specialist Breast Care Nurses
  • Clinical Psychologists
  • The Specialist Breast Anaesthetic Team
  • The Specialist Breast Theatre Team
  • Specialist Breast Ward Nurses & Out-patient Clinic Nurses
  • The Breast Admin & Secretarial Team
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