Cornwall Breast Surgeon Iain Brown
Cornwall Breast Surgeon Iain Brown

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St Michael's Hospital

St Michael's Hospital is a small, intimate hospital located in the tranquil and beautiful coastal estuary town of Hayle, in the northwest of Cornwall. Since 2000 it has been under the auspices of the Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust but remains proud of its historical links to the original flourishing hospital maintained by the Sisters of the Order of the Daughters of the Cross of Liège.

It is recognised for its unique 'Health and Healing' atmosphere and is held in the highest regard by the entire community, its dedicated staff as well as its patients.

The hospital is the home for the specialist Oncoplastic Breast Unit as well as the regional specialist orthopaedic centre. It has 4 laminar flow operating theatres, and since opening in 2009 one of the two new state of the art theatres has been dedicated exclusively for breast surgery.

St Michael's ward is a bright, clean and peaceful, female only ward for breast surgical patients with a dedicated and highly specialised nursing team, skilled in caring for the specific needs of women undergoing Oncoplastic breast surgery.

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The Mermaid Centre

Mermaid Centre  - Breakthrough Breast Cancer Service PledgeThe Mermaid Centre opened in 1998 following a hugely successful collaborative project between The Mermaid Charity Appeal, the Royal Cornwall Hospitals and the local NHS & Strategic Health Authority. It is a purpose built diagnostic facility on the campus of the Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust, Treliske Site Truro.

The Mermaid is home to the Cornwall Breast Screening Programme (NHS BSP) and the Oncoplastic Breast Unit. It was one of the first units in the UK to have a fully digitalised mammography screening service and was judged the best screening programme in the region in 2008 and among the best in the UK by the South West Screening Quality Assurance team.

In October 2011, the Mermaid Centre was one of the first breast units in the country to be endorsed by Breakthrough Breast Cancer for their Service Pledge commitment to the patients of Cornwall.

Mr Brown's St Michael's Schedule:

Oncoplastic and Reconstruction Clinic:
Tuesday am
Nipple Areolar Tattoo Clinic:
Mondays am & pm (alt. weeks)
Operating Lists:
Mondays am & pm (alt. weeks) and Thursday am & pm
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Mr Brown's Mermaid Schedule:

New Patients Clinic (One Stop Diagnostic Clinic):
Tuesday pm
New Screening Patients Clinic:
Wednesday pm (1:3 weeks)
Follow-Up Clinic:
Friday am
Results Clinic:
Friday pm
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