Cornwall Breast Surgeon Iain Brown
Cornwall Breast Surgeon Iain Brown

Cosmetic Breast Surgery Consent

Risks And Complications in Cosmetic Breast Surgery

Giving your Informed Consent for your breast surgery requires an appreciation and understanding of the potential risks and complications of the procedure.

The information leaflet below lists the risks and complications of each of the main Cosmetic Breast surgical procedures. It is very important that all of my patients have had chance to read the leaflet prior to signing their actual consent form before surgery.

Risks and Complications Information

General Risks of Surgery

Anaesthetic risks
Discomfort / pain – acute/chronic
Bruising / Haematoma (requiring return to theatre)
Wound Healing (impaired, delayed)

Risks And Complications Of Specific Breast Operations

• Breast Augmentation (primary)

Sensation changes (Increased 30%, Reduced 30%)
Impaired ability to breast feeding
Impaired sensitivity of mammography
Pain – acute/chronic
Lateral pectoral “drift” – on pectoral contraction

Accentuation of underlying asymmetry
Rotation, edge palpability, “rippling” , “bottoming out”
Capsular contracture
Need for revisional surgery

The Implants:
Low rupture risk

• Revisional Implant Surgery (capsulotomy, ‘ectomy, ‘orraphy)
As for implants plus
Recurrent Capsule formation
More likely to bleed - increased risk of haematoma (drain more likely)

• Reduction Mammaplasty

Extent of scars
Impaired wound healing (T-junction)
Nipple Loss (partial/full)
Fat necrosis – Further Breast Lumps requiring investigation

Nipple Sensation changes (Reduced 30-50%)
Impaired ability to breast feeding

Changes over time: Breast regrowth with weight gain
“bottoming out”
Need for revisional surgery

• Lipomodelling/ Fat Grafting

Donor Site:
Discomfort – acute/chronic
Uneven contours
Inadvertant Internal Injury (theoretical only)

Recipient Breast:
Lumpiness / Fat necrosis/ Cyst Formation
Uneven contours
If previous cancer (theoretical risk of increased local recurrence – unproven in largest European Centre Series – Lyon, Milan)
Changes to future mammography (theoretical increased need for further biopsies – not proven)

NB For all cosmetic breast surgical procedures:

Unable to guarantee quality of healing or type and extent of scarring

“.... .unable to guarantee symmetry of shape, volume”

“…unable to guarantee will not require further surgery”

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